From Pastor Jo


As I write this, it is only a few days after Easter and the joyous sights, sounds, and fragrances of our celebration of Christ’s resurrection have faded into the background – the richly resonant sounds of the organ are now silent; the Lord’s table is no longer set – the bread and wine of Holy Communion, gone; and the Easter flowers that brought color and a sense of new life to the sanctuary have been taken home to be enjoyed for their beauty and the memories which they evoke. In the wake of the emotions felt throughout the changing moods and events of Holy Week and the exuberant celebration of Easter Day, I, and I suspect many of you, often find myself in the depths of a weighty Easter letdown, wondering, “So what now? What are we to do after Easter? What difference does Easter make in our lives?”


I remember experiencing these same feelings during my first year as associate pastor at what is now my home church in Norristown. On that occasion, strangely enough, help in answering those questions presented itself in the form of an exterior door – yes, I said, a door. Until the week before Easter, said door had been the typical solid gray metal exterior door found in many classroom wings. Use of this type of door, in combination with closed classroom doors, gave the long hallway a dark, tomb-like appearance – it wasn’t an inviting space to walk into at all. On the day before Easter, some of the men of the church replaced the metal door with a full-length set of glass doors, the purpose of which was to let more light into the dark hallway. On that Easter Monday, I was alone in the building, cleaning up the wilted flowers that had covered the old wooden cross. As I rounded the corner from the narthex into the hallway, I was astounded to find the hallway flooded with bright sunlight; the rays of light seemed to dance down the hallway. So transformed by the light was that formerly dark space, that I couldn’t help but think to myself, “That is the difference that Easter should make in our lives. Easter gives us the opportunity to be transformed, to begin to live our lives as Easter people – caught up in light and new life, and God’s transformative power.”


The celebration of Easter should transform us; to be the time to begin again to live into the transformed life that God has made possible for us through Christ. As Easter people, we are called to witness to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus by ministering all, as Jesus, himself, ministered to all; to care for and serve those who need it most. So, as we continue to tell the story, let us also live the story; to let God’s light flood us as light flooded that long, dark hallway. As we pass from one season to the next, let us live in hope, and with a passion to love and serve others, so that all may know and experience the depth of God’s great love and care for all God’s children.


Easter Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Jo




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