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A few weeks ago, The Pennsylvania Southeast Conference of the United Church of Christ – of which St. John’s is a part –conducted its spring meeting at West Chester University. The theme for the meeting was: On the Road Again – Encountering Christ. Our keynote speaker was Brian D. McLaren – pastor, author, activist, speaker – and the content of his presentations were based on his book, The Great Spiritual Migration – How The World’s Largest Religion Is Seeking A Better Way To Be Christian.


At the very beginning of his presentation, Brian made the following observations: “In this critical moment in human history, I believe there are really only two kinds of churches, two kinds of Christians, and two kinds of leaders:

Those who actively or tacitly support the current unsustainable civilization …

And those who are part of a movement to give birth to a new civilization (the “civilization of God” announced and embodied by Jesus).


This requires a conversion on our part, from the assumption that the world exists for the good of the church … to the conviction that the church exists for the good of the world.”


Brian’s words struck me profoundly, because I see St. John’s – and many other churches, as well – poised at the edge of a new reality of being church, a fresh opportunity to begin again, to birth a ministry that is a “just and generous way of life;” that engages with those who NEED the care, rather than worrying about preserving the nostalgia of the past, and resisting the change that must occur if the Church is to be viable and make a difference in today’s world.

A wealth of information was shared throughout the whole of the spring meeting, so much, that I’m just now beginning to sift through it and assimilate it. In the coming months, I will share more of what we experienced, as I truly believe that the insights shared can help St. John’s begin its own “spiritual migration” – if we are willing. Please take some time to give these thoughts both prayer and consideration.


Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Jo





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