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Are you afraid of change?


By now you know that we are in for a lot of change. Knowing that, I recently ask that question of myself time and time again. Change is unsettling – we crave the familiar. We like to return to our favorite vacation spots and are upset if they do not look like we remember. We like to have our kitchens stay organized the way we like them to be. Robert Sapolsky of Stanford University has found from his research that if you have not learned to like certain foods by your early thirties, chances are you will never like them (that’s why I STILL don’t like Beets).


And the music you will enjoy most throughout your life will be the music you listened to in your twenties (for me that’s James Taylor, Carol King; Billy Joel; The Beatles, John Denver, Chicago; and Elton John).


According to science, all living creatures crave homeostasis –when things remain the same. It is a lot more efficient to be able to do things the way you have always done them – without having to think about it. (Think of suddenly encountering a detour on your way home from work.)

So it is no wonder that we tend to resist change even when change would seem to be for our benefit.


Change makes us uncomfortable – change means loss of control – yet...change is inevitable. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said 2,000 years ago that “nothing endures but change.” The Buddha taught his disciples to prepare for change by saying to themselves, “Everything I hold dear will one day change and be taken from me.” So if change is going to happen anyway, wouldn’t it make more sense – and make our lives easier – for us to get over our fears and learn to accept the inevitability of change – even to welcome it?!!

Because think about it – do we really want our children to remain six years old and never grow up? Change happens and will continue to happen – so what we really need to consider is whether we will fear it or embrace it.


So I’ll ask again – are you afraid of change?


Be more afraid of being unable to change – that is truly the scary part. Author Bruce Barton warns that “when you are through changing – you’re through.” Change is a law of life. And the truth is we can’t hold back the tide of change any more than we can keep the sun from setting or the seasons from changing.


All we can control is how well we respond to the changes and on that question the Bible offers us the answer – God’s promise, “Do not be afraid, I am with you.”



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