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      Sunday Worship

Gathering Together on the Sabbath


We gather to worship God every Sunday morning at 10:15 am (summer at 9:30 am).  Here we find friends, pray together, confess what needs mending in our lives, hear readings from the Bible and a sermon preached with relevance.  The service usually last an hour.

On any given Sunday we may be singing triumphant classical music on the organ.  The choir may sing an anthem, the children's choir might sing a camp song.  There may be a first person sermon to make us think and move our spirits.  We will always hear a reading from the Bible and pray together the community's prayers. 

In the UCC, we celebrate two sacraments, communion and baptism. We share communion several times a year for people of any age or religious preference are welcome to partake.


Worship? What’s the point?


Maybe when you were a young person, you were dragged off the church serves and you didn’t connect.  Or maybe you have never been to church in your life.  Maybe you are wondering what is the point of coming to worship at all?

Worship at St. John’s is an opportunity to come home - emotionally, spiritually, and socially.  In our congregation, we all lead busy lives, but Sunday morning is the time we dedicate to ourselves, God and to one another.  It is a chance to find belonging and a peace the world cannot give.


When we gather to Worship, we understand God is the only audience.  We love worship that is reverent, relevant, and stirs all the senses.  We also love worship in which we can both laugh and cry, knowing that the Holy Spirit is with us through it all.

Our wider Church , the United Church of Christ affirms that each generation has the blessing and responsibility the “ make the faith its own.”  At St. John’s we do this with worship that speaks to our modern everyday lives, while tapping into time-tested, deep, and ancient practices of the faith. 


Kids are important to us at St. John’s. there is a special time in worship for the kids to hear the Scriptures and meaning for their lives.



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